Tachometers / Rev meters

We check, dismantle and thoroughly repair your mechanical or electronic tachometer.

Mechanical tachometers typically show wear and tear on the bearings of the drive shaft. You can recognise this first in cold temperatures where you can hear a whistling noise. This noise will persist until the point at which you hear it at all times.

Electronic components show sensitivity to temperature and irregular voltage levels. As a result the instrument will not show the accurate revolutions. If this happens we restore the tachometer with up-to-date electronic components.

Does your tachometer need a ratio change? By this we mean, for example, a change from a 4 cylinder engine to a 6 cylinder engine or displaying a different maximum revolution.

We aim to repair mechanical and electronic tachometers to high technical standards. We use original components when available or, when original parts are no longer available, we use specially manufactured parts which meet the required specifications.

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Does your tachometer/speedometer need a new dial?
No problem – we take care of that too – with newly drawn faces and / or newly restored dials.